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Beauty hair removal

Select Hair Removal Whole Body Hair Removal
1 part

The latest equipment SHR beauty hair removal that even beginners can rest assured.
Since gel is used and continuous irradiation is possible, the treatment time can be shortened.
The treatment is possible if you leave at least 3 weeks.
Do not give up on self-treated rough skin and conspicuous pores.
Beauty hair removal tightens pores for beautiful skin.


​JOYEUX  Hair Removal Campaign MENU

Good service and misleading results

Total Esthetique JOYEUX ~ Total Esthetique JOYEUX ~

* The contents of the hair removal campaign may change or end without notice.

​Select Hair Removal

S parts 1 place ¥ 1,900

M parts 1 place ¥ 3,900

L parts 1 place ¥ 4,900

S parts hair removal

Above the eyebrows / Beside the mouth under the nose / Sideburns / Sideburns / Sideburns / Eri foot / Side / Shoulder / Fingernail / Toenail / Nail circumference / V line / I line / O line / Areola circumference

M parts hair removal

Back (back of collar) / waist / hips (including O line) / chest (décolletage) / stomach

L parts hair removal

Whole arm) / Foot (instep knee) / Above foot (knee) / VIO line


Whole body hair loss

Face & VIO included Whole body hair removal ¥ 19,000
Face or VIO included  Whole body hair removal ¥ 17,000
Excluding Face & VIO Whole body hair removal ¥ 15,000

​Recommended hair removal for those who want to be beautiful

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