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Cell lipolysis & burning [cavitation x radio wave w slimming]

Fascia release [reset body]

Warm metabolism up [Radio wave treatment]

Healing [Aroma oil treatment]

At Total Esthetique JOYEUX, we will select a body menu that suits your needs and make a body make-up.
Makes you shine beautifully from the inside. Please experience it.


Great effect!
Approach firmly aiming at fat cells! Breaks down and reduces subcutaneous fat

◆ Calf

◆ Upper arm

​​ Single 7 mm only

​16500 yen each

Hythe is recommended for calves and upper arms that are difficult to diet and shape up

​​ ◆ Next to the stomach

​​ Single 7 mm Double 7 mm, 13 mm

Single ¥ 16500 Double ¥ 27500

Recommended for those who want to reduce the chubby meat on the side of the stomach and want a waist waist.

◆ Stomach

◆ Butt

◆ Outside peach ◆ Inside peach

◆ Thigh front ◆ Thigh back

Single 7 mm Double 7 mm, 13 mm

Each single ¥ 30800
Each double ¥ 41800

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Cavitation x radio wave W treatment

Cavitation x radio wave double treatment decomposes and burns fat. Hard cellulite and fat are softened and easily removed by cavitation x radio wave.

[Cavitation x radio wave] 60 minutes ¥ 8900

Slim massage 15 minutes ~ ¥ 1800 ~

​​It is possible to perform 2 to 3 treatments from the posterior side of the leg, the front side of the leg, the hips, the back and hips, the upper arm, and the abdomen.


Reset body

Fascia care

Fascia is a membrane that encloses all components of the body such as bones and internal organs. Due to daily stress and body strain, the fascia is also distorted and adhered. By loosening, peeling, and flushing, it loosens fascia adhesions, improves tension, and constantly promotes metabolism. It leads to the correct body line and is converted into a body with a high diet effect. It can also be expected to improve basal metabolism, slimming effect, and release from stiffness and fatigue.

* It may be painful and may remain.


Reset body price list

The best plan for you

Reset body A great coupon for those who are new to fascia care ↓ ↓ ↓

¥​ 13,000

​​Reset body whole body 120min

Radio wave + fascia care

​¥ 7,900

​​Reset body half body 60min

Radio wave + fascia care

Fat burning & decomposition

Radio wave treatment

Radio waves are a type of electromagnetic wave that is also used in medicine. This wave vibrates the molecules contained in the body and rubs it to generate frictional heat, which raises the body temperature and works directly on blood fat, visceral fat, and subcutaneous fat.

The amazing radio wave effect that you can clearly see !!
Warm the body from the deep part, relax and improve metabolism, decompose body fat, improve sagging / swelling, reduce size ◆ Aerobic exercise ◆ Increase basic consumption ◆ Reduce visceral fat ◆ Strengthen muscles (red muscle)


Radio wave treatment price list

The best plan for you

Various coupons for new customers and those who come back

↓ ↓ ↓


​​¥ 7,600

​​Radio wave 60min

Whole back or whole lower body or whole upper body etc.

¥ 4,200

Radio wave 30min

2 parts such as abdomen / waist / calf thigh / thigh hip / waist back / back upper arm

​​¥ 2,900

​​Radio wave 15min

1 part such as stomach / calf / thigh / hip / waist / back / upper arm 



Aroma oil treatment

Uses high-quality oil extracted from natural plants.
Lymphatic massage eliminates waste products that have stagnated in the body and improves fatigue, fatigue, lack of exercise, stress, poor physical condition and swelling of the legs. Aroma oil relieves mental and physical fatigue and leads to relaxation.

Aroma oil treatment

The best plan for you

Great coupons for those who are new to aroma oil treatments ↓ ↓ ↓


¥​ 5,900

​Lymphatic massage whole body


​​¥ 3,400


10min ~

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